A Week’s Worth of Pinning


Eiffel tower sticker with merci label

Part two of my adventures with Pinterest.

I discovered some helpful blogs with tips on how to use Pinterest to increase traffic to my Etsy Shop. Since I am still new to pinning items to boards in Pinterest, I found these tips extremely helpful.

First, it’s all about beauty. You want to promote beautiful images, not just your own items. If you are familiar at all with Etsy.com, one of the features available is creating a Treasury. A Treasury is a gallery of images of fellow Etsy shop owner’s listings. You do not put any of your own listings in your Treasury. With Pinterest, you can put your own listings on your board, Etsy allows you to “pin” each listing.

Another good tip is to use good searchable tags on your “pinned” images. Etsy’s automatic tags might not tell the whole story of your item. Especially since you may have poured you heart into the creation of the item. I also liked the tip about a board showing the progress of construction of your project. A visual how to do that is easy for someone to follow, since you are able to type in a brief description of each image. I think I will choose this option for my next post. One of the things that I would recommend is that you limit the amount of pins on a board. I was looking at someone’s board that had over 1,000 pins. It takes a long time to scroll through that many pins. I plan on capping my pins at 50 for each of my boards.

Finally, improve your photography skills. This is something that I am constantly working with, as I am a beginning photographer. The importance of lighting is very important. Natural light should be your first choice,  but  in my case,  my house is pretty dark. Outside photography with cards is also a bit problematic; it always seems to be a gusty day if I decide to photograph light weight items. It is great for quilts, and I usually photograph my quilts outside.

So far I have not seen any increased business to my Etsy store. I will follow the aphorism that “Patience is a virtue.” The following links are for two of the most useful blogs that discuss Pinterest and Etsy:

Handmade Success: How to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Etsy Shop


Brittany’s Best guide for Pinterest Tips to Increase Etsy Shop Traffic


Here is the link to my Pinterest Boards.



To Pin or Not to Pin?

I am dipping my toes into the blogosphere. I have read many blogs over the years, and they have been for the most part, very helpful. What I have not found are blogs that help me figure out Pinterest. I see the “pin” link on many of the sites that I visit. I see many search results that are links to a person’s Pinterest board, which in all honesty, I have not spent much time looking at  because I like to read about topics. So, when I did a search for blogs on WordPress on Pinterest, especially for my craft business, I found nothing. In fact, I was invited to write a blog about Pinterest and starting a craft business.


Grilling mitts for the large man's hand

For a little background, I am a full-time caregiver for a disabled friend. I cannot work outside the home, so I have started an Etsy.com store where I sell handmade cards and small quilted items. If you are curious, you can take a look at my wares at www.etsy.com/store/prettycolorful. You can copy and paste this link into your browser. I have read a few articles about Pinterest being a wonderful resource to drive traffic to your business/store/webpage/etc. I have decided to write a series of blogs about Pinterest and if I can truly drive more traffic to my Etsy store.

I opened up a business Pinterest account and have started my first board by looking at various other boards under the “DIY-Crafts” topic. I titled my first board “A Little Bit Quilted” and selected a few small quilted items that I “pinned” from a few member boards. I also selected some items that I am selling on Etsy as well as some items some other people are selling on Etsy. It may be just a coincidence, but I made a sale on my Etsy store right after I opened up my Pinterest account. I welcome any advice on Pinterest, or selling crafts online.

This a link to my Pinterest board: http://pinterest.com/colorfulcards/a-little-bit-quilted/