Follow, Follow, Follow


This is my third week exploring Pinterest and whether Pinterest is a useful resource for driving traffic to my store. The topic for this post is about getting people to follow me. How do I do this? I have faithfully pinned images from the boards that I am following. So far I only have one follower.

The following links are to articles on getting more followers on Pinterest.

Best tip so far from the sources linked above is to comment on other Pinners pins. I am following a lot of people, so this is a good starting point for me. I made a few comments on some of the boards that I follow. We will see if this leads to more people following me on Pinterest.

I discovered something interesting during my research about Pinterest and Etsy. There are people who do not want any of their creations pinned to a Pinterest board. Artists are very protective of their creations. I can see how someone would be afraid that their ideas could be stolen or duplicate. I respect this. In my case, I make cards and quilts. Each of my creations is one-of-a-kind, and I never can duplicate anything exactly. This might change when I get more involved with digital designs. It wouldn’t bother me if someone copied my idea, but they would never be able to duplicate something exactly because of the materials and techniques I use in making my cards and quilts.

One of the wonderful support systems on is a team. You can have teams that are specific to your geographic area, the type of art or craft that you specialize in, or fun topics, such as Treasuries. I found a team that pins fellow team member’s items on a Pinterest Board. This group focuses on supporting each other’s items for sale.  I have joined this team and am happily pinning my fellow store owners listings to a board specifically created for this purpose.

For those curious about my Pinterest boards, here is the link:

I will let you know next week if these techniques lead to more followers on my Pinterest boards.


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