Joy to the World!

joyI love Christmas. I don’t love Christmas shopping. I use this as motivation for making gifts for Christmas. Since I love making cards and quilts, this usually is a yearlong process. My quilts are small, practical or decorative items. I try to think of what somebody likes or needs when I make my projects.

I am a caregiver for a disabled friend. She can’t leave the house, so her bedroom is pretty much her world. She has a table by her bedside where she sits to read, eat and work on her computer. A few years ago I made a table runner to fit the top of her table. This has become a Christmas tradition and now we have a nice selection of colorful and seasonal table runners. This tradition started off because I thought she might like a softer surface on her table, and now she makes suggestions about themes. We are now working on wall hangings for her bedroom door. That is this year’s gift, so we need to keep that project under wraps.

My wish for everyone this year is for joy. Joy in looking at the world around us, joy in each other’s company, and joy in ourselves. Don’t let all the negativity in the world take the joy out of your life. Let us all fill our hearts with joy and let it spill over into the New Year.

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