Downsizing my craft room


I had to give up my craft room. It is for a really good reason, but I had to move all of my fabric and paper crafting items into a much smaller space (AKA my bedroom). During the course of this sorting, organizing and compacting my stash, I discovered that I have way too much fabric and paper.

I am not one for New Year’s resolutions; I believe if you make a commitment, you should keep it. However, I do believe in goals. This year’s major goal is to decrease my stash of fabric and card making materials before I buy anything new. That is other than adhesives, thread or batting.

So, here are my major goals for 2014:

  1. Make lots of small quilted items to use up my fabric stash.
  2. Make lots of cards to use up my paper crafting stash
  3. Blog about various quilting and card making projects
  4. Enter appropriate design contests or challenges as an excuse for making quilting and paper crafting items
  5. Sell anything that looks really good on Etsy
  6. Buy more fabric and paper crafting items in September???

This year will most likely be insane, but hey, it should be fun!

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