Coloring suede paper with chalk


I discovered a new technique while I was making some Easter cards. I wondered if I could stick an Easter chick Dazzle sticker on some old ivory suede paper that I have had for years, and if I could color it yellow with some chalk. It worked. I used a stencil brush and worked the color into the suede paper. The chalk does not rub off, and you get nice texture for your image. If you have not discovered Hot Off the Press’s Dazzle stickers, you are in for a treat. They don’t photograph well from their packages, but when you apply them to paper and use various techniques, they really pop off the page. The vinyl or plastic material they are made from looks like embossing. There are tons of Dazzle stickers in all kinds of shapes, sizes, colors and finishes. The Easter chick Dazzle I used in this tutorial has a shiny black finish. And of course, they are acid-free.   suedechick1 Materials used:

Step One Carefully peel off an image and place on suede paper. I used one of the chicks for this example, but there are several stickers you can use, the hatching chicks are really cute.suedechick2   suedechick4

Step Two Pick up some yellow chalk on the stencil brush. You might want to test the color on a piece of paper towel. I used a darker yellow and blended from the outside edge in. The suede paper really takes the chalk well. If you use circular strokes, it is easier to blend the chalk. I then used the lighter yellow and worked in the middle, stroking color to the outside. I used orange for the beak and pink for the little chubby cheeks.

Step Three Use the paper towel to wipe off excess chalk from the black sticker. Isn’t the little chick cute! suedechick5

Step Four Carefully cut around the black edge of the Dazzle. You can then either glue the Dazzle or use a foam square and apply the sticker to your card or scrapbook page. This is a finished card using one of Hot Off the Press’s Artful Card kits, Sorbet (   greenchick1This technique is most successful when you use a light colored suede paper like ivory or white.