I Toiled on the Papier Toile

For the last of the die-cut card blank sets, the Shutter Card, from Hot Off the Press, I had a bit of a challenge. I completely messed up one card because I did not double check to see how all of the elements would work on the card first. I learned from this mistake. I then spent a great deal of time going through my stamps, my papers, and my die-cut shapes. The Hunkydory kits that I have didn’t have the right size and shape of die-cuts that worked (ergo, messed up card and wasted Adorable Scorable). My Artful Card kits were too depleted of elements to do a good job. Aha, remember, we belong to Paper Wishes Papier Tole Personal Shopper club. I have several Papier Tole kits that I have done nothing with. So, I looked through my stash, found a couple of good contenders, and set about looking for coordinating papers from my stash. I do get about 5 or 6 12 x 12 papers with my kit, which comes every other month. I also have papers from my Dazzles Personal Shopper kits which come every month. Most of the supplies that I used in making these two cards are still available at www.paperwishes.com. All of the paper and embellishments come from Hot Off the Press.

Supplies Used:

Card Number One “Thinking of You”

mirage papier tole shutter cardI used one of the pink and silver foiled floral designs from the Mirage Foiled Papier Tole kt. I have not purchased the coordinating paper set because I have way too much paper. So I dug around my immense stash and found papers that coordinate with each other and the papier tole. I found a distressed dark rose print and a stripe with distressed black and pink stripes. I used the rose for the front and the stripe for the inside back. I found a cream colored paper with tiny black dots that I used for the middle inserts and a pink tone on tone print for the center rectangle, and the top and bottom of the middle part of the card.  There are three different designs on the Mirage Foiled Papier Tole, any one would have worked, but I went with the floral spray. If you have not done papier tole, it is very easy, you punch out the die-cut pieces, which are numbered, and layer the pieces on each other using foam squares to create a 3D embellishment. For the center panel, I used a black lacy flower Dazzle, and placed a couple of small black flower Dazzles on the upper left and lower left corners of the front. I placed a pink jewel Dazzle border on the left edge of the front and the right edge of the inside of the card. I applied some black lacy border Dazzles on the top and bottom center strips, and placed “Thinking of You” on the black dotted paper on the inside right of the card. I added a couple of pink jeweled flower Dazzles to the front of the card to add to the sparkle.

Card Number Two “Just Smile”

geometric papier tole shutter cardI had the Geometric Papier Tole for some time and couldn’t figure out what to do with it. This is one of the older papier tole sets and it has two sheets of designs. Since chevrons are still fairly popular and common, I thought, why not use this. I had a couple of sheets of the coordinating paper, one of which has a chevron border. I had a piece of blue tone on tone paper that matched the blue in the design and came up with a funky, happy kind of card. I used a gold print for the front and right inside, cut out the center rectangle piece from the blue, and all the rest came from the gray paper with the chevron border. I cut out a piece of the chevron border and glued it to the right inside of the card which reflected the chevron papier tole design on the front. I used the phrase “Just Smile” from the black Camera Dazzles set, and one of the camera Dazzles, for the larger center rectangle. The “Just Smile” peeks out when the card is closed. On the inside, I had some blue “Happy Birthday” Dazzles that came with my Personal Shopper kit, which is not available for individual sale. Well, this is the last of the new die cut card blanks. I had fun creating cards from these sets.  I will be coming to you soon with personal challenge blog soon. If any of you out there are curious about Paper Wishes Personal Shopper kits program, here is the link: http://www.paperwishes.com/personal-shopper/monthly-scrapbooking-cardmaking-kits.html?WT.hotp_ct=home-ps-box


Taking a Side Step

I took a good look through my paper stash to see which papers and images would work with the Side Step Card Blanks from Hot Off the Press. I decided to stay with a similar recipe, using oval die-cuts for the side area of the card and small stickers or die-cuts embellishing the “steps.”  I have a Hunkydory individual card kit that is actually still available at www.paperwishes.com. The kit is called Pink Celebrate and has black Adorable Scorable (http://www.paperwishes.com/products/4006323). For the second card, I used more die-cuts and cardstock from the Lace in Bloom kit that is no longer available.

Materials Used

  • Hot Off the Press Side Step Card Blank set http://www.paperwishes.com/products/4103426)
  • Hunkydory Pink Celebrate Card Kit
  • Pink foiled cardstock from my stash
  • Black lacy Dazzle border stickers from my stash
  • Hunkydory Lace in Bloom luxury card making kit
  • Pink ribbon bow
  • Glue dot runner
  • Foam tape


pink and black side step cardFor my first card, I decided that I needed to have the entire card, front and back, covered with the black Adorable Scorable. I traced the front and back of the cards onto the plain black cardstock from the kit and edged the pieces with black ink. I also measured the steps of the front of the card and cut them out of the black cardstock. I used some foiled pink cardstock from stash and traced the templates from the card blanks onto the back of the cardstock. This cardstock is a match for the pink foiling on the die-cuts from the Pink Celebrate kit. There are several die-cuts in this kit, but I chose the cake and the “Birthday Wishes” die-cuts from the set. I applied foam tape to the back of each die-cut. I used some lacy black Dazzles stickers from my stash, from some Dazzles stickers that are out of stock, but they have all kinds of border dazzles at www.paperwishes.com. The die-cuts have pink and silver foiling, and the card looks so elegant and classy.


pink and white side step cardFor my second card, I found an oval die-cut with three roses in vases from the Lace in Bloom kit. There was a coordinating piece of Adorable Scorable with a ghosted rose print and silver lacy foiling on the border. I used the border edge of the cardstock on the “steps” and cut a piece without the border for the front of the card. I found some small, pink die-cuts of a butterfly and a heart with a silver foiled butterfly print, and a die cut that has silver lacy border that says “On your special Day” and stuck some foam tape to each of the die cuts and layered them on the card. I glued a pink bow to the bottom of the roses die-cut. This is also a very elegant looking card. I think that I will probably put these cards up for sale at my Etsy shop, which is also called Pretty Colorful. Because I don’t have a commercial blog account, I can’t post a link to my shop.


I really liked how my cards turned out.


Playing with the Center Step card blanks

I’m back with another one of Hot Off the Press’s new die-cut card blank sets. Today’s cards are from the Center Step card blanks. I have made these in different sizes, but it was so much quicker to make the cards using a pre-cut, pre-scored card blank. Yay! I have to say that Hot Off the Press has done me a huge favor in making these cards. I decided to keep up with the running theme of using a similar color scheme and cardmaking recipe for these two cards. However, I have changed the paper from Hot Off the Press to Hunkydory Crafts. If you are one my readers from the UK, you probably know all about Hunkydory Crafts. They make fabulous products, they use a heavy weight cardstock, with the European paper weight measurement of 350 gsm (grams per square meter); it is about equivalent to 110 lb. cardstock. What sets Hunkydory apart from the crowd is their foiling. Their products are glittery, shiny, glamorous and fabulous. Their “Adorable Scorable” is specially coated so that it does not crack when you score it. I promise you, this is the truth. I discovered Hunkydory from Paper Wishes about a year ago. Paper Wishes is one of the major suppliers of their products in the United States. The paper and die-cuts that I am using are no longer in stock at www.paperwishes.com, but there are other cardmaking kits available, and they are all gorgeous. Hunkydory does not ship to the US yet, they are planning on being able to ship to the US later this year.

twilight butterfly center step cardThe first card I made is from the Twilight Butterflies kit, and the color is a deep violet with gold foil. I added violet suede paper from my stash and light purple rhinestone Bling from Want2Scrap. I added some gold Dazzle Stickers from Hot Off the Press: butterfly and birthday greetings. In hind sight, I think this card would have been a little better if I had completely covered the front with Adorable Scorable, and not left a white edge. The narrow side wings were a perfect spot for me to use some texture, so I cut strips of suede paper, and then added 3 rhinestones to each side.  The gold “Happy birthday” on the bottom ties into the gold foiling of the die-cuts. The butterfly is actually a die-cut within a die-cut. I just popped out the wings and curled them slightly. I also placed foam squares under the circle die-cut and applied it so the left edge is slightly off the center of the card. I added 3 gold butterflies to the right edge of the center.

lace in bloom center step cardI used a much lighter color of blue and purple for the second card, with silver foil accents instead of gold. The die cut is more of an octagonal shape, rather than round. I do love the vases with hydrangea flowers. The paper has a faint hydrangea background print, so it coordinates and echoes the hydrangeas. Instead of rhinestones, I used Hot Off the Press blue Dazzle border stickers on the wings of the card. I added tiny blue rhinestones (they match the border Dazzles perfectly) at the corners of the center die-cut, and added a birthday sentiment die cut at the bottom. I also added a silver butterfly Dazzle on the left edge, with a little bit of the blue border for its body.  The white borders on this card work much better.

The next cards will be from the Side-step card blanks.

Here are a few links to the products that I used with these two cards:

www.paperwishes.com (Dazzles stickers, and where I purchased the Bling and the Hunkydory Kits.)



http://www.createandcraft.tv/ (The UK’s Craft Shopping Channel’s website, they sell all kinds of crafting products, including Hunkydory, and they do ship many items to the US.)

Formal and Not So Formal Heart Cards

heart swing handmade cardToday’s blog is about the Hot Off the Press Heart Swing Die-cut Card Blank. I used a pink and green theme for the Rectangle Swing Cards, so I thought that I would keep a similar color scheme for the two cards that I am showcasing today. I did one in black and red, and one in pink and black. One of the wonderful things about playing with color is that you can set the mood and the style of the cards just by the colors you choose. I used the same recipe for the cards, a ribbon/border along the left side and a large heart in the right bottom corner, but the style of each card is very different. Some of the items that I used in making this card are not available for purchase: the red rose paper and red Swirly Heart Dazzles.  I listed links at the bottom of this for all the items that I used that are available for purchase at www.paperwishes.com.

heart swing cardMy first card is very dramatic, with the black swirly paper and red rose paper. They make such a contrast which gives the card a very formal look. I thought that this card would make a nice card to give to a Bride and Groom, especially if their wedding colors are red and black. I drew a heart in Adobe Illustrator and used red and black strokes, with “Best Wishes” printed in the middle of the heart. The red Swirly Heart Dazzles stickers were part of my monthly Personal Shopper Dazzles kit and are not available for individual purchase but are part of a set of 20 special finish Dazzles. The heart Dazzles fit perfectly in the two heart “swing” die-cut areas. I used a scrap of black paper with white dots for the inside spine, I don’t know who manufactures this paper, but it is a pretty common print. I trimmed away the paper so that there is a defined white heart negative space around the large red Dazzle sticker, and I placed three small red hearts along the spine. I applied three large black rhinestone stickers on upper right corner of the red rose print paper and three large red rhinestones on the lower left corner. I tied a bow in a piece of red ribbon and glued it to the left side of the card. Since the red heart stickers are glittery, I thought that a little more bling completed the card.

pink heart swing card

My second card is a much “sweeter” card. This is perfect Valentine for your “Sweetie Pie.” Notice how changing the background papers to pink gives a much softer feel to the card. The contrast of the black stickers is not as dramatic as the contrast in the black and red card. I used four different pink papers for this card, the darker rose print paper that I used for the heart “swing” die-cut area is one that I only had a scrap of and don’t remember where it came from. The back stickers all come from the Sweetie Pie Dazzles set. I used a strip from the Sorbet Artful Card kit striped paper for the spine on the inside and a heart die-cut from the same kit. I used small heart die-cuts from this card kit for the front of the card; I just applied little black heart stickers on the pink hearts for some interest. This kit is a little more cluttered with stickers; I wanted to break up all that pink space. Instead of a ribbon on the left side of the card, I used the heart border stickers.

I have to admit that I think that my black and red card is a little more striking than the pink card. I think that I did a good job demonstrating how you can have a formal look and casual look just by changing the color a little bit. Now I need to decide what kind of cards to do next.

sweetie pie valentine card

Links for the Hot Off the Press Papers and products I used that are available at http://www.paperwishes.com:

Heart Flourish Black Print paper: http://www.paperwishes.com/products/4010407

Pink Sponged paper: http://www.paperwishes.com/products/7220216000

Pink Flourishes paper: http://www.paperwishes.com/products/7220197000

Sorbet Artful Card Kit: http://www.paperwishes.com/products/4107268

Sweetie Pie Dazzles: http://www.paperwishes.com/products/4102481

Want2Scrap Black Bling and Red Bling: http://www.paperwishes.com/products/4006615 and http://www.paperwishes.com/products/4006029

Never Before Seen Dazzles #3: http://www.paperwishes.com/products/4008235

Sympathy and Get Well Cards

Rectangle swing card blanks

Hot Off the Press Rectangle Swing Die-Cut Card Blanks

Today I am writing about Hot Off the Press’s Rectangular Swing Die-Cut Card Blanks (http://www.paperwishes.com/products/4103424). I really like the fact that HOTP includes templates you can copy or trace (I copied mine) to use for layering paper on the card blank. I love the fact that I don’t have to try to hunt down a template for this card blank or try to figure out how to make it from looking at a card or a picture of a card. I really love the fact that the card is already scored and folded. The cards are around 6 ½ x 5 inches, a nice bright white, and come with 5 card blanks and 5 envelopes in a set. The cards are really affordable and of decent quality. I don’t want to mislead you into thinking that they are heavy-weight cardstock, but they are by no means flimsy, and of better quality than some of the sets of card blanks that you usually find in the marketplace.  If you haven’t read my previous blog, there is a webisode on www.paperwishes.com that discusses the 6 different die-cut card blanks and shows several different card examples (http://www.paperwishes.com/webisodes/index.php?page=low&id=586).

Sympathy rectangle swing cardLike my previous blog, I am just doing examples of cards using the die-cut card blanks. I have a really big stash of paper that I need to use up before I can buy new paper from 2014. I am using paper and stickers from Hot Off the Press for the two cards, and some of them came from subscription Paper Wishes Personal Shopper kits (Premium Dazzles and Papier Tole). If you are curious about these kits, you can find more information at http://www.paperwishes.com/personal-shopper/monthly-scrapbooking-cardmaking-kits.html?WT.hotp_ct=home-ps-box. The die-cuts and the rest of the paper came from the Spun Sugar and Sorbet Artful Card Kits. (http://www.paperwishes.com/products/4007260 and http://www.paperwishes.com/products/4107268)

Sympathy and Get Well Rectangular Swing Cards (available at http://www.paperwishes.com)

Materials used:

  • Hot off the Press tan swirly flowers paper
  • Gold Petite Dazzles
  • Tiny Words and Phrases Dazzles
  • Get Well Dazzles
  • Spun Sugar Artful Card Kit
  • Sorbet Artful Card Kit

expanded view of sympathy cardFor the sympathy card, I used a pink floral paper on a mint green background for the left side of the card and the tan swirly flowers paper for the right. The large flower die-cuts came from the Sorbet Artful Card kit, the green die-cut came from the Spun Sugar Artful Card kit. Both of the artful card kits come with cut outs that have printed phrases along with some blank boxes that you can stamp, write or print your own words. I used one of the pre-printed sympathy phrases “You are in my thoughts and prayers, so sorry for you loss. The box is the perfect size to layer on paper to glue to the inside, larger rectangular “swing” part of the card. The gold bird sticker comes from the Petite Dazzles stickers and the “Get Well” is one of the many useful phrases in the Tiny Words and Phrases Dazzles set.

get well rectangle swing cardI refolded the second die-cut card so that the rectangle is on the bottom of the “Get Well’ card. The paper and die-cuts all came from the Sorbet Artful Card kit, and all of the stickers came from the Get Well Dazzles set, except for “get well quick” which came from the Tiny Words and Phrases Dazzles.  One of the die-cut tags was the perfect size for the inner, larger rectangle swing, so I put the “get better quick; stickers on the tag to finish the inside “swing” sentiment. I used the same pink, green and tan color scheme for both of the cards, but the pinks from the Sorbet kit are a much brighter color. And don’t you just love the band aid stickers?

expanded view of get well cardMy next blog will be about cards I made from the heart swing card blank set. I hope you come back to visit my blog again.