Formal and Not So Formal Heart Cards

heart swing handmade cardToday’s blog is about the Hot Off the Press Heart Swing Die-cut Card Blank. I used a pink and green theme for the Rectangle Swing Cards, so I thought that I would keep a similar color scheme for the two cards that I am showcasing today. I did one in black and red, and one in pink and black. One of the wonderful things about playing with color is that you can set the mood and the style of the cards just by the colors you choose. I used the same recipe for the cards, a ribbon/border along the left side and a large heart in the right bottom corner, but the style of each card is very different. Some of the items that I used in making this card are not available for purchase: the red rose paper and red Swirly Heart Dazzles.  I listed links at the bottom of this for all the items that I used that are available for purchase at

heart swing cardMy first card is very dramatic, with the black swirly paper and red rose paper. They make such a contrast which gives the card a very formal look. I thought that this card would make a nice card to give to a Bride and Groom, especially if their wedding colors are red and black. I drew a heart in Adobe Illustrator and used red and black strokes, with “Best Wishes” printed in the middle of the heart. The red Swirly Heart Dazzles stickers were part of my monthly Personal Shopper Dazzles kit and are not available for individual purchase but are part of a set of 20 special finish Dazzles. The heart Dazzles fit perfectly in the two heart “swing” die-cut areas. I used a scrap of black paper with white dots for the inside spine, I don’t know who manufactures this paper, but it is a pretty common print. I trimmed away the paper so that there is a defined white heart negative space around the large red Dazzle sticker, and I placed three small red hearts along the spine. I applied three large black rhinestone stickers on upper right corner of the red rose print paper and three large red rhinestones on the lower left corner. I tied a bow in a piece of red ribbon and glued it to the left side of the card. Since the red heart stickers are glittery, I thought that a little more bling completed the card.

pink heart swing card

My second card is a much “sweeter” card. This is perfect Valentine for your “Sweetie Pie.” Notice how changing the background papers to pink gives a much softer feel to the card. The contrast of the black stickers is not as dramatic as the contrast in the black and red card. I used four different pink papers for this card, the darker rose print paper that I used for the heart “swing” die-cut area is one that I only had a scrap of and don’t remember where it came from. The back stickers all come from the Sweetie Pie Dazzles set. I used a strip from the Sorbet Artful Card kit striped paper for the spine on the inside and a heart die-cut from the same kit. I used small heart die-cuts from this card kit for the front of the card; I just applied little black heart stickers on the pink hearts for some interest. This kit is a little more cluttered with stickers; I wanted to break up all that pink space. Instead of a ribbon on the left side of the card, I used the heart border stickers.

I have to admit that I think that my black and red card is a little more striking than the pink card. I think that I did a good job demonstrating how you can have a formal look and casual look just by changing the color a little bit. Now I need to decide what kind of cards to do next.

sweetie pie valentine card

Links for the Hot Off the Press Papers and products I used that are available at

Heart Flourish Black Print paper:

Pink Sponged paper:

Pink Flourishes paper:

Sorbet Artful Card Kit:

Sweetie Pie Dazzles:

Want2Scrap Black Bling and Red Bling: and

Never Before Seen Dazzles #3:

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