Thinking Beyond the Lint Trap

dryer lintYou know that you have either way too much time on your hands or your creativity is on overload when you start looking at dryer lint for creative opportunities. I do laundry; I clean out the lint trap on the dryer and pretty much ignore it. However, there have been times when you wash brand new towels and the dryer lint looks kinda pretty and velvety. Then you throw it away. The other day as I looked at the lint trap, I thought, this is a nice sage green color, can I do something with it? Then I remembered a Webisode from Paper Wishes that showcased embossing folders and they had embossed toilet paper and paper towels, and they looked pretty cool.

pressing lint to make feltSo, I carefully peeled off the lint and (my lint trap has two sections) and placed the two layers of lint on top of each other on a paper towel. Then I took the paper towel and folded it in half to cover the lint and keep it in place. I took my trusty steam iron, put it on the cotton setting with high steam and pressed the heck out of it, hoping to felt it.

I waited a few days, and then I used a 6 x 11 inch piece of cardstock as a base, put the lint on top and spritzed it with water. I used a paisley Cuttlebug embossing folder; it is an A7 size (5 x 7 inches) and ran it through my BigKick. Voila, paisley embossed dryer lint. I just might use this on a mixed media project. Or not.
paisley lint
This is the link to Paper Wishes and the Webisode that talks about using toilet paper; it is at the end of the Webisode.