Me vs Vines

vinesI may have mentioned in previous blogs that I am a caregiver for a disabled friend. This means that I retired a little earlier than I had planned because she needs some assistance for a lot of day-to-day things. One thing that she is not able to do is tackle yard work. My friend needed to have her property appraised (property values in our neighborhood have been rising) and we were advised that there were a few things that needed to be done to the property to increase the value.

The main issue was the swimming pool, because just as soon as we had an appraiser scheduled, the pool filter died. Well, one of the housemates is certified in all things swimming pool, so she has tackled this issue (bless her heart) and worked her little tail off. The result is that we now have a new filter and a clean swimming pool. Between work and the pool the poor darling is exhausted.

I volunteered to clip the vines. I have to admit because of some health issues I had fallen down on the job. The vines are cat claw vines, from the neighbor’s back yard, that have been climbing over the fence and covering the north side of the house. There has been an ongoing battle between the vines and the circuit box. In past years I have tackled these vines about twice a year. I have just done some minimal clipping the past couple of years because my energy was pretty low. Now that I am on the right kind of medication, I have energy again.  So my task was to clip away all of those encroaching vines on the north side of the house, and the west corner where the electrical stuff is.

vines2We had about a week-and-a-half to take care of all of this stuff, in Arizona, in July, during the monsoon season. Needless to say I clipped vines in between dust storms, thunderstorms and 100 plus degree weather. Wisely, I chose to do all this work in the early morning.  There is still the big bush to take care of, but we have someone coming in a week or so to take care of that. I’m exhausted!

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