Give me a reason to buy your products

have angel policy will buy

I just attended the Scrapbook Expo in Mesa, Arizona this weekend. I had a blast, took a class, did a make-and-take, and met some very nice people. I wandered through the booths several times and bought some new tools and supplies.

PLEASE, if you are a scrapbook/cardmaking/papercrafting company, have an Angel Policy. If you don’t have the basic “if you buy our products you can sell anything you make using our products as long as they are handcrafted” Angel Policy, I won’t be buying your products. Even if they are the most gorgeous papers, stamps, embossing, die-cutting or hand punch tools in the universe; just on the off-chance that I might decide to use one of the products in a card that I chose to sell.

I fully support the rights of every artist to protect their designs. However, I just have to put it out there, if you are so concerned about your creation, why mass produce and sell it to the crafting public? What do you thing we’re going to do with all of this nifty, beautiful stuff? And be honest, by buying your products, we are putting money IN your pocket, not taking it OUT.
I would love to try some of the paper, stamps, cutting dies and embossing folders that I have seen, but if I can’t find an Angel Policy, I won’t buy them.

Examples of generous Angel Policies:
Hot Off the Press:
Hunkydory Crafts:

2 thoughts on “Give me a reason to buy your products

  1. An incredible post, Catherine. Well done, not just for the post, but for taking on the world of crafting supplies and their makers. This post should be sent to all the makers of crafting stuffs – papers, embossing folders, dies, adornments, embellishments, and any other type of crafty ‘stuff’ which might need an Angel Policty applied to it, in order to make those companies sit up and take notice.

    Love you BIG TIME for this post. BIG TIME.
    Well done for being so ‘to the point’ and eloquent. (‘to the point’ completely missed me when they were handing out that gift. I got ‘wordy’ instead! sigh) lol.
    ~ Cobs. x

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