Busy with a Custom Order

Grilling mitts for the large man's hand

Grilling mitts for the large man’s hand

I haven’t been blogging lately because I just finished my first Etsy custom order! It was for what I affectionately call Big Ol’ Grillin” Mitts. They are oven mitts for a big guy’s hand. Yep, I used a big guy (6’4” tall) as the hand model for this baby. I had made him one a few years earlier, and he loved it. He recommended that I make a few and try to sell them on Etsy. Well, they have been sitting in my shop, not selling, until a very nice lady from Texas asked me if I would make her a pair. So I did. Yay!
The above image is for two mitts that I am currently selling in my Etsy Shop (Pretty Colorful). I have made a few adjustments in my sewing technique because my new sewing machine doesn’t like to sew through thick fabrics. These mitts have two layers of batting: Insul-Bright (heat resistant batting) and thin cotton.

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