I love Paper Wishes Week of Webisodes!

Woman with Red UmbrellaI am a big fan of getting creative ideas anywhere I can get them. If you are a papercrafter, be it cards or scrapbooking, one of the best resources is http://www.paperwishes.com/. Every Wednesday they post a new webisode that not only showcases new products, but they give you tips, tricks and examples. The webisodes are between 15 minutes to a half-hour in length. Plus, they archive every webisode that they do. In addition, they also have a link to a blog Simply Ann that also is new every Wednesday. Ann Barba is the blogger and she posts a video demonstration of a project, usually a card.
This week, November 3-7, 2014 there is a Week of Webisodes. They are showcasing Christmas kits from Hunkydory Crafts. I have noticed a few people searching for tutorials on Hunkydory’s Warmist Wishes/Windows to the Heart Christmas kit in the statistics section of my blog. I bought a Hunkydory Christmas kit a little over a month ago and have posted a couple of cards that I have made. I’m pretty sure that there will be a webisode for the Contemporary Christmas card kit. I am sharing images of a couple of cards that I have made from this kit. I am selling them in my Etsy shop (prettycolorful). You may wonder why I don’t post a link, it’s because my WordPress account doesn’t allow me to post links to sites where I sell stuff.
Here’s a link to the webisodes: http://www.paperwishes.com/webisodes/index.php?page=choose&WT.hotp_ct=home-webisode-boxHappy Holidays Red Shoes
I am an independent crafter and do not represent any particular company. I just blog about things that I like to use.

2 thoughts on “I love Paper Wishes Week of Webisodes!

  1. Y’know … I keep coming back to look at that fabulous card at the top … the one with the lady with the umbrella… and each time I look at it, I fall in love just a little bit more with it.

    It’s such an elegant, beautiful image, and it has such an iconic style. It’s a truly gorgeous card

    The shoe … ahhhh now you see those are shoes which we all want to own. Not necessarily to wear them … in fact I know I’d fall over and break several bones on them if I tried to walk in them … but I’d so like to have them in my wardrobe, so that I could open the doors, sit on the bed and just look at them. Perhaps even remembering a time when I could have worn them, and would have worn them, and could even have walked elegantly in them.

    Ahhh… oh to be a girl again. […s.i.g.h…]

    Fabulous cards! love ~ Cobs. x

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