End of the Year Resolution

I live in a small house. I don’t have a lot of room to store my fabric and papercrafting supplies. So, I made an end of the year resolution. I need to make 5 things for every piece of fabric or paper I buy!overflowing with paper This picture is just ONE of my 6 overflowing craft bins. I’m not even discussing my stash of fabric. Fortunately, I’m hooked on fat quarters. I’d hate to think what my closet would look like with all the batting and bolts of fabric!. At least my thread is organized. Kind of, in only about 3 places or so. I was hoping that more people would buy my cards from my Etsy shop.  There’s still time before the end of the year.

I did get a custom order for some big man hand oven mitts, so I got rid of a little bit of fabric. I’m making gifts for family and friends, so they can stuff said gifts into closets. Some people actually want me to make them things. Go figure!

Okay, I admit it. I’m a craft-aholic! Is there a 12-step program for this?

My Etsy shop is prettycolorful. My WordPress account doesn’t like me to link to any sites where I sell stuff.

9 thoughts on “End of the Year Resolution

  1. Catherine … are you sure you can’t post a link on your blog to an Etsy account? I’ve seen links to Etsy on other blogs.

    I’ve tried to find you on Etsy but there are a handful of shops there which Google gives to me, but none of them seem to be yours. Now if I’m having this trouble, then your other followers are perhaps having this problem too, and that might be why you’re not selling as much as you’d like to.

    Either … check out the rules and regs on W.press about posting a link to an Etsy shop. I thought it was only if you were selling via this type of ‘free’ wordpress blog that you couldn’t put links up for things to sell. But I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen links on other blogs which give you Etsy shops. In fact, I’d put the contents of my purse on it, because I’m pretty certain that I’ve clicked on a link in someones blog within the last week. (can’t quite remember who’s blog, but I know I’ve clicked – because it took me to their Etsy shop and I very rarely have a look around Etsy as it’s one of those ‘Get thee behind me, oh temptations!’ places. lol

    Sending love and hoping that you find out that you can actually post a link to .. AN [winks an eye] ETSY shop. . … Cobs. x

    • Cobs, thank you for your lovely nomination and the kind words you wrote about my blog. What do I do? I don’t know anything about a blog hop, so if you can point me in the right direction. I clicked on your link, and wonder if I should write a blog that answers the same questions yours did. Thanks, Catherine

      • I was exactly like you. I had no idea about ‘blog hops’ – so I checked it out with the person who had nominated me. I answered exactly the same questions as she had, and I think that this is the idea, so that we can all track the replies backwards by clicking the links and following the ‘paper trail’, and then we can see how each person answers the same questions. AND .. we can also have a look at some blogs that we perhaps might have not known about!

        Once I’d found out what, and how, I could see how great a blog hop was. I loved that it gave me some new blogs and I’ve clicked to follow some which are like mine and have a crafty theme. I’ve also found a ‘reader’ who reads books by the bucket-load, and that’s brilliant because she reviews them – so I get a rough idea of what it’s about and whether I’d like it.

        Hope this info. helps. ~ love ~ Cobs. x

  2. You are much better than I am. I had to do a major purge from my craft room. It took me from Dec 2013 to end of June 2014 and now I can actually walk into my craft room. I guess I couldn’t do the 12 steps, I had to go for an in-patient round of rehab 🙂 with a lot of Goodwill (I donated car loads) intervention.

    I saw you on The Cobweboriumemporium and had to stop by. I’m glad I did!

    • I used to have a craft room, but then we got a roommate, so I had to give it up. I had to cram everything into a little storage room that was already full, under my bed and in my closet. Organization went out the window!

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