Fun new ways to make gift card holders.

Christmas gift card holdersI made these gift card holders using coin envelopes from Hot Off the Press. I thought that I would use up some of my Christmas paper stash of paper scraps and embellishments to see what I could come up with. I came up with a Gingerbread Man and a cardinal. I made some tags with a pocket to hold the gift card, just basic tags since I needed to have a little extra length to form the pocket at the bottom. I put a Velcro closure on the back of the top closure. The gift card coin envelopes can be re-usable. You can also use the coin envelopes to tuck in all kinds of small, thin gifts like: cash, earrings, necklace, bracelet, movie tickets or a gift certificate.

coin envelopesThe coin envelopes come unsealed, and have a glossy side and a matte side. You can stamp on them, ink them or do any kind of multi-media project with them. I just chose to use up some of my paper scraps. I had one image left from my Christmas Sweets paper tole, which was a gingerbread man.  I chose this as one of the focals.  I used scraps from my Christmas Sweets paper for both of the envelopes, and I used a cardinal sticker for the focal of the other card. I layered the sticker on scraps of red and green paper. A good tip for doing this is to use the acetate packaging, such as the one for the envelopes, to stick down the sticker while you manipulate pieces of paper to cut around. It keeps the sticker tacky and you just need to lift up the bits that you want to stick to the paper. I had a special addition red cardinal sticker set that is not available for purchase, but there are gold and silver stickers that you can buy.

tracing coin envelopeI recommend that you trace the main body of the envelope shape on paper, then fold back the wings and trace then center portion of the envelope. Cut the paper into the three sections, and trim each of them down a little. You don’t want the paper to cover any of the fold lines. I also traced the top and bottom flaps on paper. You can ink the edges of the paper if you want. You can even ink the sides of the envelope before you glue the paper down if you don’t want to have a skinny white border. Glue the paper to the envelope. I used a good glue stick and that seemed to work out just fine. I did use ultra-tape to stick the back flaps together, and the bottom flap (the smaller oval) just to make sure that they stayed glued. And I happened to have a pack of Velcro circles and squares that were just perfect for the closure on the back.

coin envelope and tagFor the tag: I cut a 5 ¼ x 3” rectangle of cardstock, scored 1” from the bottom and folded it.  I measured ¾“ from the top sides of the card and trimmed to form the traditional tag shape, I covered the tags with paper and punched a hole at the top. I threaded pearl cotton through the hole. I used ¼ “ ultra-tape to glue the sides of the pocket, glued a ¾ x 2 ¾’ strip of paper on the front of the pocket and stuck a black Dazzles Christmas sticker on the front. I used “Oh what fun!” and “Joy” for the tags and “Very Merry” and “Believe” for the front of the envelopes.

Materials Used: (

The coin envelopes were quick and easy to make.

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