Okay, I did it, I got a Kindle Fire

6 inch Fire HD with caseI have joined the 21st Century technology crowd. I bought a tablet, the small, 6 inch Kindle Fire. I want to wade into the technology pool at the shallow end. I’m still not getting a cell phone. I spent way too many years of my life answering phones; why the heck would I want to take one with me? I only talk on the phone when I have to. Most of my family lives someplace other than Arizona (why?), so most of our contact is through Facebook.

I like the 6 inch Fire HD because I have small hands, and it fits just right, and I can surf the web, read a book or play games. I have decided that I will not be using my tablet for email or Facebook, because I prefer an actual keyboard for typing. I can also watch videos, but why? I have Netflix and a big TV at home for that.

Hope everyone is having a great start to their new year. I’ll be playing with my Kindle Fire.


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