Emboss This!

I have set a goal for myself for this summer. I have been interested in mixed media, and I am planning on working on several techniques. I have a final project in mind, but I will reveal the project after I have had the opportunity to try a few new techniques.  I will be doing a series of blogs showing all the new techniques that I will be learning.

Although technically embossing folders are not mixed media, I will be including some embossed pieces in my final project. I looked through a lot of different embossing folders, including those I have in my stash, and decided on Hot Off the Press’s Rose Corner embossing folder. This folder will work beautifully with the papers that I have selected for my project.

You need to follow the directions for your specific machine when you use an embossing folder.  I have a Sizzix BigKick and it comes with a multi-purpose platform with instructions on which tabs to use for each process.  I did have to make adjustments for the thicker papers.

Embossed and debossed paper

You can do a lot more with an embossing folder than just running it through your die-cutting machine.  I used a few different techniques on different kinds of paper to see the effects. The only paper that I did use was patterned paper because I was not sure how well the embossing would show up in photographs. I used the following cardstocks and paper:  80 lb cardstock in various colors; 60 lb cardstock with a textured finish; 350 gsm Hunkydory Adorable Scorable cardstock; parchment paper;  Hot Off the Press’s holographic and foiled papers (they are heavyweight, more like cardstock). I would like to point out a couple of tips for embossing heavyweight papers and cardstock: lightly spritz the back of the paper with water, it helps break down the fibers and the embossing works much better. I was not sure how well the Hunkydory Adorable Scorable cardstock would do, but the coating on that cardstock left a gorgeous finish, the embossing looks polished.  There were no cracks.


The first technique I used was to just use the embossing folder with a variety of cardstock.  You can choose to use the embossed or debossed side of the paper.  When I embossed the parchment paper, I put a piece of 60 lb cardstock behind the parchment paper to reduce the cracks. There were still a few little cracks, but they just add a little personality.

The next technique was to sand the holographic and foiled papers. The foiled paper is teal and has a tone-on-tone print. The color in the photograph is a lot lighter than the actual paper.  I used a sanding block to lightly sand the embossed sections to reveal a white core. I did the same thing with the brown holographic paper. The embossing really shows up and both papers are very shiny.


I will continue my embossing techniques in another blog because I took a lot of photos and I don’t want to make the blog too cluttered with photos.  I will end with photos of two cards I made from the embossed pieces: a card using the embossed piece of Adorable Scorable and the debossed side of green cardstock.




adorable scorable card

debossed card

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