Embossing and Inking

I am continuing my journey with embossing folders by showing some examples of paper types and inking. In my previous blog I discussed how I used Hot Off the Press’s Rose Corner embossing folder on different types of paper; I am using some of the cardstock for inking techniques. After you emboss some paper or cardstock, you can swipe an ink pad lightly over the surface, or do what I did and use a cosmetic wedge. You get a little more control over the amount of ink you use. I used Clear Snap’s Fluid Chalk Inks for this purpose because the ink pads are nice and juicy and the ink works well on most surfaces.


This example is using Splash Fluid Chalk ink on ivory cardstock. Just lightly press the cosmetic wedge onto the ink pad and gently swipe across the surface.  You can vary the amount of color picked up on the embossed surface.

The second example is with parchment paper and I used Concord Fluid Chalk Ink on this piece of parchment.


For this example, I did a different technique. I inked the front of the embossing folder with Fawn Fluid Chalk Ink and put a light blue piece of cardstock in the folder and ran it through the die-cutting machine. If you look closely at the edge of the paper, you can see the differences between the inked surface and the original surface. This embossing folder is a little more intricate, you would get more of a letter press look if you had a simpler embossed design. What I ended up with was to change the color of the cardstock to a greenish-gray color.

ef_debossMy last example is similar to the previous one, except I used Versamark ink on the bottom of the folder and ran a wine-colored piece of cardstock through the machine.  I then sprinkled white embossing powder on the debossed side where the Versamark ink was and heat embossed it.  I got a distressed-looking image which might work very nicely for a background.

The inks I used for this project should be available at most craft stores:

Versamark Ink Pad

Clear Snap’s Fluid chalk inks in: Splash, Concord and Fawn

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2 thoughts on “Embossing and Inking

    • I have wanted to get this embossing folder for a while, and there was a recent sale. It fits in with the project that I am going to be making. Thank you for the kind words.

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