Beginning with mixed media

I dove in and started my first techniques with mixed media. I started out with a set of Color Me card toppers from Hot Off the Press (they were on sale). I decided that I would use a different media for coloring toppers from this set.

hotp color me toppers

Using Fluid Chalk Ink Pads

Colors: Fawn, Splash, Concord, Harvest, and Pink Sky

I am frugal with my craft tools, and I use either freezer paper or parchment paper for my craft sheet. Freezer paper has a plastic coated “shiny” side that works well with using water coloring techniques. I also used an acrylic stamp block, cosmetic sponge and brushes. I used a cosmetic sponge with the Fawn ink pad to color the outside text area of the color me topper. I pounced the ink pads a couple of times on the acrylic block and with a wet brush picked up the color and painted the flowers. Since I didn’t have a green inkpad, I mixed some of the Splash and Harvest together to create an olive green color for the leaves. I used a cosmetic sponge to pick up the aqua “Splash” for the central area and brushed it across. I accidently got one edge of the topper a little damp, so you can see the paper curled up a little.

topper colored with chalk ink

Stampin‘ Up Watercolor Pencils (from  over 10 years ago, they are actually crayons) and baby wipes.

I have had these crayons in my stash for years and have never really used them much.  I think you get actual pencils now from Stampin’ Up. I have been curious about using Gelato sticks, and found out that the techniques that are described for using Gelatos work with these crayons.

color me topper halvesI cut one topper in half; and used different coloring techniques on each half.  I used a brown watercolor crayon and roughly colored the border of the text half of the topper.  I  then used a baby wipe to blend the edges of the topper, and then colored the center with the color on the baby wipe.  I have seen this technique used with Gelatos on some craft videos.

For the floral half, I used a light aqua alcohol pen to color in the text area.  I then scribbled various tropical pink and orange colors on my freezer paper and used a wet paintbrush to color the flowers and leaves.

Alcohol Pens

I used red, yellow green and light aqua alcohol pens to color the final topper image.  As you can see, I’m learning how to use my alcohol pens. I still have to learn blending techniques.

color me alcohol

I’m going to make a couple of cards from some of the toppers.  I’m planning on working on them in the next couple of days.

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