Could I Live a Tiny House Lifestyle?

jacaranda in bloom

Jacaranda in Bloom

I have been watching a few of those Tiny House shows on television where people decide that they want to keep life simple, reduce their carbon footprint, or in the case of some young couples, build a starter home they can afford. The convenient thing, and perhaps the not so convenient thing, about tiny homes is that they are built on a mobile base and can be moved from location to location.  Since I am getting on in years now, I’ve been wondering if a tiny home is something I can live in. So, I have been building a fantasy Tiny Home in my mind. After all, a girl has to have dreams.

First off, I really only need space for a small bed and my simple wardrobe and my gigantic craft supply. I already have all of my stuff condensed into 1 ½ rooms, so in a way, I kind of live a tiny life style.  The only difference is I have access to a normal size kitchen and bathroom. There are some really nice sewing and craft storage/work surface furniture pieces that should work well in a tiny home situation. These storage pieces from companies such as Scrapbox and Koala Cabinets are designed to fold away, and hold your stuff. I am used to sleeping in a daybed, so having a bed that has storage under the bed would work just fine.

One of the things that I cannot do is to have my sleeping space in a loft. I have a pretty bad arthritic knee and climbing up and down a ladder or stairs is not feasible. I also want a space that is on the larger size, so I think around the 400 to 500 square foot option would be best for me. I could have a larger living area that would serve as my craft studio as well, with a separate space for sleeping. I would not need a large bathroom since I prefer to take showers. The nice thing about the tiny home design is that furniture usually can be made so that it has multiple uses.

The essentials:

  1. I would have to have the Internet. So what would be my best option? This is something that would need to be explored based on where I would end up parking the home.
  2. Solar power vs regular utilities? That is an interesting concept, but what would work best if I am going to be moved from place to place?
  3. A nice little deck or porch. Perhaps with space for container gardening.

And the best thing yet, is that I can be carted from one family member to another without packing my stuff.  Of course, I would actually have to have the money to build my fantasy tiny home, but what a lovely thing to think about.

A Short List of some Tiny Home Builders:

The Original Scrapbox:

Koala cabinets: