A Little Bit Can Go a Long Way

Christmas Cards Number 3 and 4

The next two cards share the same basic idea, making cards out of leftover die-cuts, mostly small ones. I used one piece of Adorable Scorable cardstock to pull together the different die-cuts to create a unified composition. In each example, I used four die-cuts, one piece of coordinating Adorable Scorable and sticker accents. Both cards measure 5 x 6 ½ inches

polar bear Christmas CardCard Number 3: Baby It’s Cold Outside

This card also used one piece of green cardstock, snowy-printed acetate, and stickers. Most of the die-cuts came from the leftover bits of a set that had an image of a polar bear wearing a knit hat and a sweater. In fact, the Adorable Scorable has a printed knit texture, with a foiled border. This set was from the 2013 Hunkydory kit, and has gone a long way; I have also made two Christmas cards and one large framed piece from this set. All that was left was the one purple and teal piece of cardstock and three die-cuts.

inside of polar bear Christmas cardI had a leftover snowflake frame from the 2014 kit that I couldn’t figure out how to use, so I came up with the idea of creating a window, with the circular die-cut of the polar bear peeking out under the snowy acetate, using the snowflake die-cut to frame the opening. I used the “Baby it’s cold outside” black dazzles on a scrap of snowflake paper matted on the scrap of leftover foiled border Adorable Scorable, and accented it with the two snowflake die-cuts that came with the polar bear set. I sandwiched the acetate between the cardstock and the green snowflake paper and used the purple Adorable Scorable cardstock so the border was on the bottom of the inside and placed “Merry Christmas” and teal snowflake Dazzles on the area covered by the front of the card. I think this card turned out pretty good.

Additional items:

  • Scrap of purple and teal paper with a snowflake print
  • Green paper with a small snowflake print
  • Teal Green cardstock
  • Hot Off the Press Tiny Christmas Words Dazzles: http://www.paperwishes.com/products/4102494
  • Hot Off the Press Teal Snowflakes and Silver Christmas Words Dazzles (no longer available)
  • Hunkydory Snowfall Acetate
  • Set of Circle cutting dies, to match the shape of the center of the snowflake frame

Heart Swing Christmas cardCard Number 4: For the Lovebirds at Christmas

All that was left from the Christmas Robins set was one piece of Adorable Scorable with a matching printed insert and a handful of small-die-cuts. The color scheme is red and blue, and this set is one where I had previously made two cards using larger Christmas Robins die-cuts. I chose to let the Adorable Scorable cardstock be the main focus, and made a heart swing card from a template from Hot Off the Press, rather than trimming the cardstock and gluing it to a heart swing card die-cut card base. This was a little more challenging because I don’t have a lot of strength in my hand and it was a little time consuming in cutting through the thick Adorable Scorable, but I think the effort paid off, I let the paper do the talking on this card.

open heart swing Christmas cardI cut a heart-shaped piece of red suede paper to frame the front heart swing portion of the card and a narrow strip of the red suede for the spine of the swing mechanism, I matted the red suede heart on dark blue printed paper and cut a slightly larger heart out of a medium blue paper for the inside of the swing mechanism. I used some silver swirl stickers for accents on the top right and left of the card and a third swirl on the bottom of the heart focal on the front. The small die-cuts I used all have silver foiling and three of them have printed sentiments: “Sending Christmas Joy!” Merry Christmas,” and “To the Lovebirds at Christmas.” The remaining die-cut is heart-shaped and has an image of a gift printed on it. This is a simple card, with most of the work coming from cutting out the heart-shaped swing mechanism of the card. The heart-swing template is available at www.paperwishes.com: http://www.paperwishes.com/products/4107422.

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